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Meet the Variety Bag, our most popular item, and apparently yours too. Recently, it gave a good one-two KO, being the number one in the US, based on points of distribution. We'd love to thank you for making this possible!


This year we have a new design and added flavors for your enjoyment. Stay tuned as we continue to develop this product to be the best for our customers.

Your taste buds will celebrate with you.

Discover the wonderfully rich tastes of La Indita Michoacana. Our creamy, fully flavored ice creams and deliciously fresh fruit bars are hand-crafted - using traditional old world paletas of Latin American influence, and the perfect blend of the best ingredients available.

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"Let me start off by saying 'yum'. Without any doubt you make the best ice cream that has ever passed these lips."

-Connie McNiel in our Testimonials


September 12, 2012

Rocky Mountain Area Distribution

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