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Mohave Valley, AZ


Buying Like Crazy!

To whom it may concern!

I live in Mohave Valley, Az. Went to my local "family Dollar Store", much to my surprise...

...in the ice cream freezer section I discovered Michoacana cream bars, ($1.00 each) purchased three flavors: walnut, strawberry, and coconut. Best tasting cream bars ever! Can't find them anywhere else, told friends about them, buying like crazy! Store has hard time keeping stocked!

Please let me know if available & other stores in my area. Needles, CA., Bullhead City, AZ., Mohave Valley, AZ., and Tri-state area.

Reply: Safeway carries our products in Arizona, Bullhead City included. Unfortunately, we currently don't serve in the Needles area of California, but perhaps on a future date.

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Springfield, MO


"...instead of imitation."

Hello La Michoacana,

Just a note to tell you we think your Fresa Strawberry is the best tasting ice cream we have found.

Also the coconut.

You must use real fruit instead of imitation. Keep up the good work.

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Eugene, OR



Dear Michoacana,

Hello! My Name is Froylan Aguirre. I love your product and I was wondering if you specialize in other types of flavors for example tamarindo or cookies & cream.

How about having a bar that taste like a home made brownie! Well this was only a suggestion. Thank you for your time.

Reply: Those are definitely worthwhile suggestions - we test new flavors on occassion. We can tell you tamarind is one of the few we're interested in creating. Currently we do have Cookies & Cream, specifically in ice cream bars, packs, and liters for your enjoyment.

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Bakersfield, CA

From a Torn Sheet

To whom it may concern:

I love coconut and when I bought your coconut ice cream I'm so loving this. I also love vanilla (a good flavored vanilla) so next I'm going to try vanilla.


Cortaro, AZ



We started buying your ice cream at Walgreens two seasons ago. I have wanted to write and "sing your praises" of what a delicious and wonderful product you have.

We hate to see it disappear in the fall but look forward to it's return in the Spring. We just love all your flavors. Keep it up!

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Eugene, OR


Water Bars


Like your ice cream and fruit bars - but sometimes "last few" fruit bars, water and syrup fruit flavor??

Reply: We have two different types of fruit bars. For instance we have the regular strawberry, and then we have strawberry agua. One uses cream from milk, the other uses "agua" or water based solution. Hope this helps answer why some flavors are the same, but differ in taste.

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Houston, TX



To whom it may concern,

I enjoy your four ounce coconut ice cream bar. I usually buy it at Wagreens. Can you tell me if you sell these in bulk boxes of 12 or more?

Where can I buy them in larger quantities? They are truly a premium bar with a special treat in the summer or year round.

Reply: We do carry a 12 pack of coconut mini's if the 6 pack is not enough.

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San Diego, CA


Don't Change A Thing

To whom it may concern,

Your coffee/café flavored ice cream is the greatest ice cream I've ever had!!!!!!! etc!!!

Please, please, please don't change a thing, and please do NOT go out of business or stop making the coffee flavored bar.

My wife Donna loves it too!!!!!!! etc!!! How much would it cost to send them directly to me?

Reply: I'm afraid we can't sell it to you directly, but please have a look at our Contacts → In Stores link to see which stores carry our products!

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San Pedro, CA



Dear Sirs:

Thank you for your ice cream bar (La Paleta). I've only tried the guava flavor, but it was wonderful - all natural fruit flavor.

We can buy them here in San Pedro, CA at Third and Pacific Avenue at the Guanajuato Market. Delicious!

Thank you and congratulations for your fine product.

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Eugene, OR


When Eaten


Love your fruit bars - good taste. But with nephews - several fell over, stick and [wrap], at local lake with ducks around.

Boys did yell "God - ice man gone to little zoo at far otherside." A costly, noisy disaster. Nice taste when eaten.

Reply: We're sorry that a few of our products went overboard but we are glad you were able to enjoy some before the accident.

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West Covina, CA



Dear [Paleteria La Michoacana],

I was walking through 'Food4Less' and I noticed your coconut ice cream. My mind went back years go to an old friend who is now gone, who had made home-made coconut ice cream. I had never had it before or after, and the memory was one I will always remember.

When I saw your ice cream and read the simple ingredients I just had to try it.

I couldn't believe the 'out of this world' flavor. It was like going back to my friends home-made kind. I think yours is even better.

No one else here [at home] likes it so I can enjoy it myself and not have to worry that someone will finish the can or box while I am gone. If they tasted it they would love it too but they say 'coconut in ice cream - yuk!' And the white thickness of the product just leaves me speechless, it's so pretty.

Thanks for a great product.

Reply: We're glad our ice cream has been associated with good memories of home made ice cream. We try to accomplish that in ours. We wish everyone could enjoy it, so perhaps you should encourage those in your home to try it anyway, as we do have a variety of flavors to choose from.

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Santa Rosa, CA


A Young Girl's Proposition

Dear company

My name is Cindy, I'm 11 years old and is in [sixth] grade. I'm from Santa Rosa, California. I Love your, "La Indita Michoacana popsicles."

I would really like if you people (special) would kindly make a 6 pack or more popsicles of cookies and cream.

I do propose this because they're my favorite popsicles and I never see them in packets or boxes, only on bags with all types of other popsicles. I love the same popsicles in the bag but there is only two cookies and cream popsicles inside. So please I would really love if you could make more. I also dislie buying the bag that doesn't have my favorite cookies. So please please try to make more of my favorite popsicle. Not just my favorite but for my friends, family, and neighborhood too.

Thank you!♥

Reply: Well Cindy your proposition was heard. We DO have them in six packs, have a look at the stores we sell them in, where they have frozen ice cream, look for the Magenta/Pink boxes :)

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Belmont, CA



Dear Sirs:

Went to a 'Dollar Tree' store on my Saturday stroll in Lodi - and found the Michoacana Mango ice cream bar - WOW! Very quality.

Reminded myself and friends of some of the great ones we found in Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta*.[*Both are places in Mexico]

I know it's an imposition, could you give me a vendor in my area - Belmont/Redwood City (which has a huge Latin population)? Also for my Weight Watchers friends, Concord, Pacifica, and Galt.

Thank you for all your help. Greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

Reply: It's not an imposition. We'd like to inform you that we do carry our products in many businesses now in these areas, some of which are in the Contacts → In Store link.

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Chico, CA


Food Network

Dear Michoacana Ice Cream family,

Let me start off by saying "yum." Without any doubt you make the best ice cream that has ever passed these lips.

The first time I tasted Arroz Con Leche was about a year ago when my two grand daughters -in-law Katie and Asley brought back some and wanted me to taste it.

I kept asking different family members to get me a rice pudding ice cream. They looked at me like I was nuts!

I raised my two grandson's from infancy, Rafa who is now 25, and Cruz who is 22. With a name like McNiel you know I don't know much Spanish and my boys have picked up some here and there.

I nearly died Jan. 1st with double pneumonia [pneumonia in both lungs], congestive heart failure and a few other things.

My blue eyed, blonde, Irish daughter and wonderful Mexican son-in-law had me come live with them and my doctor Juliane Martinez is surprised first that I'm alive and second she says she's never heard my lungs sound so good.

My son-in-law brings me and my daughter and grandchildren your fantastic ice cream. The one with the pecans is to die for. I also had strawberry last week.

Today my grand daughter Angelica said, "Grandma, they were out of the kind you like so you have a choice of banana and rice pudding," I was so excited my grand daughter looked at me like I was nuts. I love banana anything but I snatched up the rice pudding so fast.

I watch "Unwrapped," a show on the food Channel that shows how different products are made and who makes the best. As soon as I finish this letter I'm writing Mark Summer, the host of "Unwrapped" and I'm telling him how delicious you ice cream is and he should feature you on his show.

Thank you for you excellence in making the absolute best ice cream ever. You are the best and you deserve to be spot lighted on the food network.

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Commerce City, CO


A Little Bit of Home

To Who It May Concern:

I am a native Californian now living in the Denver, Colorado area.

Recently, a new Mexican store opened up in my city called Liborio. We love it. They carry your brand of popsicles. I absolutely LOVE the Arroz con Leche and the Coconut. Do you not put these out in boxes? They are sold in stores, in the traditional single serve in a frozen section, but we'd like to buy boxes of them.

Reply: We do sell both Arroz and Coconut in six packs, and 12 pack coconut minis :) Look for the Magenta/Pink color boxes in the frozen sections in some of these stores

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Inglewood, CA


Other Locations

Dear, LA MICHOACANA my name is Lilia Padilla and I would like to let you know, that I tried for the first time LA MICHOACANA ice cream bar in Nuez [The flavor of Walnut].

I really liked it, because it tastes good and is creamy. I've tried other "paletas de nuez", and this is the best I've had. I purchased mine at Walgreen's in Inglewood, CA on Century BL. Please let me know of other locations, you carry your "paletas de cream" LA MICHOACANA.

Reply: We have been expanding - have a look at these stores

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Rancho Mirage, CA



Dear La Michoacana "es Natural",

I just got through eating two fo your wonderful fresa strawberry ice pops. My kids and I go to the ... California daily and get cause it is like 110° degrees here and it helps cool us down.

The reason why I am writing to you is not only to tell you what a great product you have but to find out how I would be able to purchase a case or two of the ice pops??

Please send me some information on how I could get the product from you.

Reply: Now that we are live, there is more information at your finger tips. You can check our Contact → In Stores for places where you can get our packs or our family pack for more variety and more ice pops.

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Azusa, CA


"...best I've had."

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Judith and I am 12 years old. I go to ... school in Azusa, California. I am a 6th Grader. I really like the popsicles you make.

My favorite type is the strawberry one. I like all the flavors. I think they are really good. I want to say thank you for still making them and the popsicles are good.

Reply: We should thank you for continuing to enjoy and love our strawberry bars like we do.

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